Ninja Project Management’s #1 goal is to make our client Project Managers look like heroes. If we wanted or needed personal recognition or accolades, none of our ninja would be doing what we do. We try to remain invisible, helping clients succeed in their environment, as they will remain after the project completes, where we will not. We are dependable, yet disposable. We backfill your team and protect them from harm. Then we disappear, into the night.

All projects, no matter how large or small the scope, have the potential for high visibility among our client’s upper management. Some of the high-risk deviations may have a very simple, low-cost corrective action that can prevent a high-cost failure. Even a pebble causes ripples across a big pond.

Examples of project level ripple causing events may include:

  • Are you having trouble maintaining your project information?
  • Are there a high frequency of aborted sanitize-in-place cycles?
  • Is there a high level of non-conformances at a particular unit operation?
  • Are there inherited or missed-in-design poor equipment ergonomics?
  • Are there vague or incomplete standard operating procedures?
  • Are there identified automation deficiencies or a lack of new automation understanding?

These are just some of the issues that can plague facilities’ manufacturing and engineering groups when they get too comfortable with tribal knowledge and the status quo that is not always best applied to a project delivery plan. Many times, all of these issues our client projects have are difficult to corral without a holistic approach to root cause analysis and the tools and methods to manage a solution. Ninja Project Management helps make solutions happen. And we are happy to have disappeared well before our client get their award for a successful project. And along the way, we help assure that process can be replicated.