Project Management is a profession and takes practice.

In essence, Ninja Project Management is designed to be a concierge project management service. The intent is to utilize my eighteen years of experience supporting and managing projects in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries in a way that serves short term project needs. This often is related to core project management competencies surrounding the practice of scope, budget, schedule, safety and quality definition and management at assorted points along the project life cycle.

My strengths, and offerings are in information gathering, productivity and communication management. Additionally, because of my strengths in technical writing, I am often asked to draft reports and procedures. These are later approved for use by others, and relate to the following types of work:

Project Execution Planning
Project Conceptualization
Shutdown Planning and Schedule Oversight
Procurement Documentation Preparation and Expedition
Project Controls and Scheduling
Verification Planning
Maintenance Management Planning
Change Control and CAPA Management
Quality Systems and Assurance Definition
Quality Auditing Surveys
Reliability Centered Maintenance Effort Determination
Document Management
Automation and Controls Opportunities
Technical Writing
Project Readiness

Over two decades I have identified what my best skills are, and those are communication and knowledge management. I choose to do this for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry, because I like big shiny tanks and piping and fill lines. I understand the science and can explain it well. However, I am not an engineer, nor do I claim the expertise. I am however, a member of MENSA, so I can figure stuff out pretty quick.

So, for the insurance companies that are trolling my site to deny me general liability coverage, professional liability coverage or whatever;

Yes, I peripherally support Construction Projects, but I don't "build". I am OSHA-10 trained and have been through an estimated 800 hours of additional safety training. I work "for" Construction Managers. I am not "a" Construction Manager. I may work for an "owner", such as Pfizer, Merck, GSK, etc. in support of manufacturing facility expansions or modifications, but always under their guidance and direction. I am just a guy that gets stuff done, and writes it up in a way people can understand. I speak many languages, not what you think, but I speak construction, plumber, pipe fitter, electrician, mechanic, admin, engineer and boss man. This is the skill I use to help others build. Although these activities support Construction, I am not involved in the design of building or life safety systems, excepting in the management of the documentation and communication between clients, engineering firms and constructors. Even then, I am tracking a status of a deliverable, and occasionally participating in discussions, but never am I the authority. And this is all mostly office or virtual based.

I often review information and prepare draft documentation that supports FDA regulated industry, but I am not a signatory on the acceptance of that documentation. Most of my life is sitting at a table juggling other peoples roles and responsibilities to lead them toward success. I am a leader more than a manager. The vast majority of my time is organizing WebEx meetings, connecting people together to make decisions, and than documenting the decisions they make. Although these activities support a regulated industry, I merely help define how information can be gathered and shared to other parties. These are defined tasks of a Project Manager, and again, I am never the final authority whether a regulation has been met.